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Friday, 28 December 2012

The Path Chosen.

Hey guyss ! I have just turned sixteen, or actually HAVEN'T. It feels rather strange as i write my name on my new exercise books : Nur Atikah Binti Ismail, Class 4 Science, Age sixteen and by the next election i'll be eligeble to vote. Time flies. A few years ago, Sixteen seemes so distant. I had always thought that being sixteen, eighteen and twenty one would bring major changes and yet, nothing seems different. Now that i am actually sixteen and i think i prefer being younger after all.

Growing older always means taking on more responsibilities, for a dreamer like me, that is where my problem lies. I hate giving up on what i had loved when i was younger and entering young adulthood. A feeling so unlike many others children who just cannot wait to attain it. I am afraid of losing my dream. 

I was eleven when i first embarked on a serious attempt on writing. My bestfriends and i wanted to create a story about us and being teenagers. However with a 'Teenage Life' and cheesy storylines involving us being the perfect girls and attracting handsome boys, it was not a wonder that we gave up on it when we turned twelve. The first pages are still somewhere inside one of my folders, i think. Then i went on a hiatus for a year, abandoning all thoughts of writing a book, having my UPSR exams and my mother breathing down my neck, i could not very well let my mind wander off to fantasy land !! 

I did get back to it as i grew older though, i think i was the only girl in class who actually  enjoyed English composition and essays in my early secondary years. I am still the only person who writes three pages worth even when the questions requires only 120 WORDS guys ! While everyone else is doodling hearts and stars across their questions papers during the last half-hour of an examination, i would be furiously scribbling on about full scale of epic proportion on any scrap sheet i can get my hands on. 

On the brighter side, I do still enjoy watching tha world go by and philosophizing about everyday happenings and random events but my take on them are rarely finished as the inspiration comes and goes. Without a doubt i really love to write, so i keep doing it. Just seeing my words in writing and knowing the inspiration behind the stories give me a sense of achievement and make me proud. So i continue to write and hope that what i write will affect someone else's life. THAT IS MY DREAM ! Thank you -'-

Fully write : 3.01 Am 
Nur Atikah Ismail a.k.a NAI